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Personalized Travel Tag - Europe Hers
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Personalized Travel Tag - Europe Hers ($3.)

Located in Penticton (V2A ***)

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Personalized Europe (Her) Luggage Tags by Stinky Lockers. Create your personalized Bag Tag for only $ 5 each.

Custom features include;

  • Your Destination
  • Name
  • Address
  • Contact # & Email

Personalized Tags are only $ 5 each. These durable PVC tags are customized on both sides and come complete with 6" loop to attach to your luggage, carry-on, golf clubs & other travel accessories.

Identifying your luggage at the airport can be a daunting task! Now identify your luggage with ease with you custom Stinky Locker Travel Tag.

Great for scrapbooking after your trip! Use your personalized luggage tag in a page of your scrapbook. Our luggage tags pop with color, excitement and make it easy to locate your bag....and the best part, they are personalized.

Personalized tags are idea for travel agents to promote their business and earn repeat business when offering custom tags as a gift when they purchase their travel package through their agency.

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