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RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeve - 8 Pack Theft Protector Chip Shield
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RFID Blocking Credit Card Sleeve - 8 Pack Theft Protector Chip Shield ($2.)

Located in Surrey (V3T ***)

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       Anti Theft RFID Blocker Credit Card Holder - 8 Pack


With the today's technology, thieves have the ability to scan your credit card information in your pocket, 

purse or wallet. Not with these card sleeves, they block the scanners ability to scan your credit card 



The metal shielding in this RFID card sleeve acts as a "Faraday cage", preventing radio frequency waves from getting to your card and keeping your data inaccessible. When it comes time to use your card, take it out of the sleeve and use it as you normally would - the shield does not break or inactivate your card; it merely keeps it protected when not in use. Illegal RFID credit card readers can't access the information stored in your credit card RFID chips.

Clean silver look, no logos to mar its appearance.

If sleeve is larger than the card slots in your wallet, simply trim them slightly to fit. RFID sleeve measures 3 5/8 inches x 2.5 inches, 9.2 cm x 6.3 cm.

Only one card per sleeve as the sleeve may tear if two cards are put into it.

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