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U Shaped Neck Pillow Flight Support Cushion MEMORY FOAM TRAVEL LUXURY PILLOW
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U Shaped Neck Pillow Flight Support Cushion MEMORY FOAM TRAVEL LUXURY PILLOW ($7.)

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Air Inflatable Pillow Neck Cervical Traction Collar Device Back Head Pain Relief


  • Comfort at the push of a button! The revolutionary adjustable neck pillow by Lewis N. Clark has a unique valve, making it one of the easiest-to-fit pillows on the market. If you're in the car, on vacation, on business, or on the road, and you need to sit for a long time, this flexible and compact travel pillow can make sure you're ready to go as soon as you arrive at your destination.
  • The cover consists of a polyester jersey that feels soft on the skin. It can be easily pulled off and put in the washing machine, so you do not have to wash it by hand.
  • It can also be stowed away compactly in its polyester storage bag, making it easy to fit into your handbag, suitcase, rucksack etc. Because it is folded thin, it is ideal for airplanes, cars and trains.
  • The anti-stress design adapts comfortably to the head and neck and offers optimum comfort in a sitting position. Part of the contoured shape is a thinner back, so you will not feel any extra pressure on your neck when you're leaning back in your seat.
  • The innovative patented valve technology (US patents: 6,237,621, 6,755,208 and 6,506,624) allows you to easily vary the amount of air inside the cushion. With just two breaths, you can inflate the pillow to its ideal level of softness and support and release the air immediately when you no longer need it. During use, however, there will be no escape of air over time.
  • Whether you're traveling by land or in the air, you do not have to face the discomforts of a stiff neck because your head was not properly propped up. Instead, find your personal level of comfort with this neck pillow and come up with just as much energy they had when you left!


  • Type: Pillows
  • Pillow Type: Neck
  • Color: Blue, Grey (As Per Choice)
  • Shape: U-Shape
  • Filling: Air
  • Material: Soft Fabric
  • Padding: Inflatable
  • Use: Airplane, Camping, Hotel

Package Includes:

  • 1 X Neck Pillow

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